About Our Mission & Vision

Valhko is driven by the responsibility to contribute to the advancement of Africa and its communities, striving to be a pioneer in fostering growth through innovative and sustainable solutions.

As a trusted partner of local governments and stakeholders, Valhko works closely to accelerate progress and address the development needs of the continent. To achieve our vision and mission, Valhko has outlined six pivotal functions in fulfilling our mandate.

These encompass the creation of groundbreaking financing and edtech products, the implementation of localized technical acceleration programs, the optimization of strategic collaborations, the facilitation of fundraising efforts, the facilitation of accelerated digital infrastructure development, and the implementation of robust risk management practices.

Moreover, our commitment to climate change response (adaptation and mitigation) and the promotion of social and economic development naturally aligns with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), demonstrating Valhko's dedication to building a sustainable future for all.

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Our story

In the world of visionary companies revolutionizing Africa's development, Valhko stands out as a remarkable force. Founded by Joseph Henry Nkeng, also known as Henry, it embodies a deep-rooted commitment to addressing energy poverty and climate injustice, with a clear mission to level the playing field for future generations across the African continent.

With a diverse background in engineering and finance, Henry has assembled a dedicated team of experts, united in their pursuit of comprehending and tackling complex societal challenges on a grand scale. Despite spending the past two decades studying and working in Europe, their unwavering connection to Africa, their birthplace and the home of their families, continues to shape their collective vision and purpose.

Having personally witnessed the hardships inflicted by energy poverty during their upbringing in Africa, their determination to dedicate their professional lives to effecting positive change in these areas burns brighter than ever. Valhko embraces the transformative power of digital innovations, recognizing them as game-changing opportunities for Africa's development.

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Why was Valhko created?

The company firmly believes that these technological advancements have the potential to accelerate progress and reshape the future of the continent. By harnessing the exceptional talents, creativity, and execution capabilities present in Africa, we seek to forge robust connections with the global business community.

Central to our mission is the development of a comprehensive suite of cutting-edge solutions. These include apps, data sets, risk management tools, and market research analyses that serve as sustainable bridges, connecting Africa with the rest of the world. Grounded in a philosophy of realistic optimism, we acknowledge the challenges ahead while steadfastly believing in the attainability of transformative change.

We envision a future where Africa's untapped potential is fully unleashed, where its exceptional talents contribute to the global landscape. As we embark on this extraordinary journey, we invite all those who share our vision to join us in building a brighter, more inclusive future for Africa and the world.

Meet our team members

Expertise, Professionalism and Determination.

Front-End Developer Intern
Dr. Hoc Huynh Thai
Learning Lead
Font-End Developer Intern
Fullstack & DevOps Engineer Intern
Head of Learning
Head of Learning
Full Stack Developer
Full Stack Developer
Founder, Managing Director
Data Analyst
Data Scientist Intern
Engagement Lead

Shaping a Sustainable and Prosperous Africa

Our values

Everyday we strive to adhere to these guiding principles:

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Championing creative, advanced and transformative solutions, pushing boundaries to stay at the forefront of the industry through innovation.

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Valhko embodies unwavering character, conducting business with unwavering ethics and advocating for exemplary governance practices.

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Consistently delivering services that surpass client expectations, ensuring exceptional quality and client satisfaction.

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Team Work

Fostering strategic partnerships to collectively pursue the Africa's vision of development, collaborating with stakeholders to achieve shared goals.

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Valhko demonstrates remarkable resilience and perseverance in executing its duties and responsibilities, overcoming challenges and delivering results.

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Cultivating and nurturing trust with clients and stakeholders, establishing a solid foundation of reliability and confidence.