Products & Services

By leveraging our extensive suite of state-of-the-art applications, rich data sets, robust risk management tools, and in-depth market research, we empower businesses and local governments to flourish amidst the complexities of the global marketplace.

Valhko Labs offers a unique sustainability-as-a-service bespoke consulting solution, assisting African communities, businesses and local governments in unlocking additional revenue streams from existing or new green assets.

Portala is a specialized African-sourced job placement network catering to the climate tech industry. It focuses on connecting aspiring climate professionals with long-term engagements, providing access to local and international roles, competitive compensation, and career coaching through the Portala Growth Community.

Mapu is an advanced analytical software that serves multiple purposes. It strengthens risk management, decision-making, and due diligence processes for investments in carbon credits, sustainable energy, agriculture, and forestry across Africa. Additionally, it aids smallholder farmers in complying with sustainable forestry and agriculture export and local policies.